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1Best Time to Visit Ameenpeer Dargah?
Ameenpeer Dargah located in the Kadapa, one of the popular cities in the state of Andhrapradesh (in Southern India).
2Are there any other tourist attractions near by Ameenpeer Dargah?
Yes, There are many Religious and cultural attractions around the Kadapa city. Devuni Kadapa Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple (2 KM from Dargah), Pushagiri Temples, Shilparamam, Ontimitta Kodandarama Temple, Brahmamgari Mutt, Sidhout Fort are few near by attractions to name.
3May I know about Kadapa's weather Conditions?
Kadapa City used to records temperature of 19.1°C (Low) to 30.3°C during the months of August - February

Kadapa City temperature Ranges in between 23.8°C (Low) to 40.1°C during the months of March - July

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